Harkness House offers quality day care and an enriching curriculum for children. While no two days are alike, and each age-level program is different, we share common priorities throughout each day.

Check In

Harkness House is dedicated to a safe learning environment. Classrooms are accessed only through a coded, locked, security door, which Harkness families can access through an individualized security code.

Because of our small classroom size and low student/teacher ratio, Harkness House offers a personal, nurturing, welcoming environment where children are excited to sign in, start their day, and greet their friends and teachers. Children are greeted by a teacher or caregiver upon drop-off and introduced to the morning’s activities, ranging from music appreciation to story time to free play.


All students wash hands upon arrival. Harkness is dedicated to a high standard of cleanliness, as well as teaching children self-help hygiene skills throughout the day, whether it is at mealtime, playtime, or otherwise.


Students enjoy catered nutritious meals daily. We realize that some children have severe food allergies. Our staff are aware of each child’s individual food allergies and keep a list of these allergies in each classroom as well as our kitchen.


Harkness offers children a number of fun, age-appropriate activities during the school day, including outdoor play, yoga class, spanish class, field trips, gross motor development, and more.


Whether your child is 8 weeks old or heading into kindergarten, Harkness House makes it a priority to offer an enriching, educational child care environment. Each class offers two conferences per year to discuss your child’s individual progress.

Flexible Schedules

Harkness House offers both full-time and part time programs.


Harkness House prioritizes communication with families regarding the details of our school days, the priorities of parents, and the development of your child. We provide parents with daily descriptions of classroom activities, notes on your child’s day, weekly lesson plans, monthly newsletters, weekly emails and more. Parents also have opportunities to volunteer on field trips, and in other school activities.

"I cannot say enough about the dedicated teachers and staff here at Harkness House. Not only has my son learned and developed so much because of their expertise, he has been absolutely loved and adored in my absence. Each staff member has been such a wonderful influence on him during these very important formative years. What more can a parent ask for. They are the best in their field."

- Lisa G., Parent

"Harkness House offers tremendous value from a tuition perspective. With the curriculum and quality of staff, my wife and I believe that our children's experience is much more comparable to a "school" environment than a "daycare" environment. The cost is well worth the quality of care and education offered to the kids."

- Emily L., Parent

"Enrolling our daughter at HHC was one of the best decisions we ever made. The incredible staff there made the initial transition from her nanny smooth and easy, and within days we saw our daughter laughing and playing with the other children. I know she is getting the best possible care, and learning so much about the world around her too."

- Laurenm S., Parent